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For close to a decade, TMF has been providing the clinical document management community with an educational platform and networking opportunities. We are the trusted partner that most TMF professionals at life science organizations rely on to stay updated on current trends, to discover new and innovative technologies, to benchmark against other similar companies, and to catch up with their peers and like-minded colleagues. This community relies on us to show them how to optimize their TMF operations leveraging the tools and support that our sponsoring companies offer.

Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership

Be recognized as a thought leader through session participation and sharing of your expert content through downloadable assets.

Branding & Exposure

Significant branding & exposure through pre- and post-event marketing, event participation & sponsor appreciation

Competitive Edge
Competitive Edge

Get a competitive edge with registrant qualifying data - including buying power, timelines for decisions, current pain points and more

Qualify Leads

Qualify Leads through attendee engagement with your session content & downloadable assets

Audience Profile from November 2020
Global TMF Summit




Represented pharma, biotech and medical device companies


Said they would participate again


C-Suite, VPs, Heads, and Managers

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In addition to highlighting your participation at our in-person, virtual and hybrid events, we can also offer exposure through our well-known Fierce Biotech and Fierce Pharma news outlets. We also have a year round Partner Content Hub focused in the TMF space providing you with real-estate in this heavily promoted and trafficked site and data on who is downloading your content. We have a plethora of avenues to showcase your company as a thought leader in this space and are exploring new and innovative virtual media options every day, so join us and let us help you spread the word that you are a leader in this space.


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